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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do staking claims work?

Staking rewards will appear as an alert animated gift box on the top right of your screen at the "My Assets" page. Just click on it to start claiming process. If you have more than one asset the next asset will appear after first claim is completed.

Our Staking at Polka City is a good faith staking model. This means that your tokens are not locked, they are just tracked for unclaimed time.

1. Rewards are only one per wallet. This means that no matter the amount of unclaimed NFTs that you have in your wallet, the oldest unclaimed NFT will always win. Example: If you have a taxi and a hotel and the unclaimed tokens on the taxi are older, you will get the taxi reward, Not the Hotel reward. If you want the Hotel rewards the need to be the oldest unclaimed asset.

2. Rewards are earned once a month after your 31st unclaimed day.

3. Taxis and other assets lower than limo staking earn bikes. Assets lower than taxi do not stake for NFT.

4. Limo and higher NFTs earn as follows:
a.      First month LAMBO
b.      Second month Bike
c.      Third month Lambo
d.      Fourth Month Bike
e.      Cycle repeats.

5. NFTs rewards are until their gifted assets are sold out. In this case the NFT for another or a new promotion will be started.

6. When moving NFTs to a new wallet claim counter will reset and any unclaimed tokens will be lost. Make sure you claim before you move or sell your NFT.

7. Gifted NFTs do not reward other NFTs.

8. If you claim your Polc before your receive your reward NFT you will forfeit the reward.

9. If you dont claim your POLC or NFT rewards they will accumulate.

Q. Will new 3D NFTs have high yield?

Short answer is no, no longer will we have such high Yield assets. New assets will provide low Yield or special benefits and status.

Update: A Low cost high yield NFT was created after this Q&A was posted to satisfy the need to grow POLC holders and be listed in mayor exchange that required it.

Q. Can I store my assets in a hardware wallet?

Yes you can, Assets are attached to your Ethereum address. You may not see them at some hardware wallet vendors, but they are there. You can check them at Etherscan.

Q. When do I get rewards?

Rewards are paid every 7 days from the day you purchase your NFT. You can see the number of days at etherscan.io

Q. Are Nft rewards for ever?

No, Rewards were established to last for up to 3 years. Available rewards time depend on amount of Assets sold. There is a available week counter in the homepage.

Q. will new nfts be as expensive?

New NFTs will be affordable, however, they will Increase price periodically as all NFTs do.

Q. When is the Marketplace launching

The marketplace is ready. We are just going to release 3D assets first and test them before we publish it.

Q. Who earns LAMBO for staking?

Staking rewards LAMBO promotion will be awarded for those who stake their tokens for 31 days or more to qualify you must have a limo or higher stake and have tokens in your wallet at the time of stake.

Q. Someone in support asked for my secret phrase?

Never give away your secret phrase, we will never contact you first and we will never ask for your wallet secret phrase. Beware of scammers.